Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day

Today is a day of remembrance. Remembering those that have died of AIDS and those that are currently living with HIV/AIDS. We have not won this battle yet. 33 Million people have this terrible disease. Take a moment today to learn about how HIV/AIDS has impacted the world. The fight is not over. Silence=Death.

Here are few organizations that you can give freely of your time and especially your money. Please give generously!

46664 Foundation

AIDS Memorial Quilt



This is not a day of is a CALL TO ACTION. This is why I alway sign off my posts with....



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Please stand by

Hi everyone -
Been extremely busy with the holidays! It is my solemn promise to have a few great posts by this weekend for your enjoyment.

Preview: Big Pig Full Length LP (FINALLY!)Big Pig 12" Remix/ Sam Harris 12" Mix /Street Heat 12" Remix (may have to be postponed)/Thoughts on Thanksgiving/President Bush Does it Again.

Now doesn't that have your interests piqued?????