Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Portland Blues

I am in Portland, OR for work this week. The weather has been wonderful: 75 degrees and sunny (how unusual for Portland?!). Exciting as this is, I am here for really. But as I found out this afternoon, I am forced to be isolated in my hotel room for 24-48 hours. Why? Because I somehow contracted Strep Throat...I went to the clinic here Tuesday afternoon and got the news. I am miserable.

There is nothing worse than being sick. But...that is not true. There is NOTHING worse than being sick (bedridden sick, isolation sick) than being sick in a town where there is no family and a hotel with a bad mattress.

I so much want to be at home in my own bed, snuggling up with my body pillow while my partner rubs my back. (Oh, did I tell you that I am a BIG baby when I am sick...?)

So I have slept the majority of the afternoon, and now I can't sleep because my throat is RAW. I am exhausted. Guess I am going to try and count sheep or something.