Saturday, November 29, 2008

Music From The Edge....IS BACK

Now that the election is over - and we have a new President...I can go back to music with a heart that is full of joy!

Though I will never totally deny myself the opportunity to discuss other issues that I find important - I want to get back to what I enjoy the most (besides my partner, my family, and my friends...) that would be MUSIC!

I have been busy ripping my vinyl to MP3 - and will be posting some very shortly -on the front side - there will be no commentary or background (in the essence of posting quickly) ...but I will get back to posting with this information in the near future.

As always - please report to me any dead links - as you may (or may not) know - zshare will shut down a link if it does not recieve any hits in I believe 30 days.

No worries....I can always repost the link.

I can't wait to go to the record shows that are coming to my area soon- I hope I can find some gems I have been looking for!

As for recording my vinyl - I have been using Audacity - but I am looking for a better bit of software - so anyone that has recommendations - please let me know!

As always!