Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"The World Is Yours When You 'Catch 5'"

I was watching a Conan O'Brien repeat, and Patricia Heaton was being interviewed. As a native of Cleveland Ohio, she worked for WEWS television - the first station in Cleveland, (I always prefered this channel to any other). Anyway, she was talking about one of the "promo ads" for the news, and stated that WEWS was the first news in the nation to have its own "jingle," then they showed the clip....well, bells went off in my head - I REMEMBERED THESE! I youtube'd it - and it was there! I have to share it cause it is so funny and dated...but it was the 70's. So enjoy!

Now - my interest was so piqued that I had to find out more - and WEWS has a history of firsts.....

WEWS (Channel 5), the first television station in Ohio and only the 16th in the nation, went on the air officially on 17 Dec. 1947. Owned by the E.W. Scripps Co., publishers of the CLEVELAND PRESS, its call letters were chosen to represent the initials of the company's founder, EDWARD WYLLIS SCRIPPS†. WEWS has been the flagship station of the Scripps-Howard Broadcasting Co., which had its headquarters in the station's facilities on Euclid Ave at E. 30th from 1975-87. Originally located behind the Sterling-Linder-Davis department store on E. 13th St., WEWS signed on with a variety show hosted by actor Jas. Stewart. Jas. C. Hanrahan was its first general manager, aided by chief engineer Joseph B. Epperson. Although first affiliated with CBS, WEWS became an ABC outlet in the 1950s, when CBS in Cleveland jumped to WJW. Locally, WEWS was responsible for one of the nation's longest-running variety shows in the "Giant Tiger Amateur Hour," later known as the "Gene Carroll Show" after its master of ceremonies, GENE CARROLL†. DOROTHY FULDHEIM† appeared on the station for 37 years as news commentator and host of the "One O'Clock Club." WEWS was the first local station to win the Geo. Foster Peabody Award for public-service programming. Another WEWS show, "Morning Exchange," is acknowledged in the industry as the model for the national "Good Morning America" program. In the local news field, Channel 5's "Eyewitness News" pioneered in the use of mini-portable cameras and helicopters in the 1970s. Its uplink satellite was the first of its kind in Cleveland, and in 1991 WEWS introduced the 24-hour newsroom concept with live, hourly updates.
There are a lot of great things coming from Cleveland. I am so glad to be heading home for the holidays!!!

Happy Thanksgiving (a few days early!!!)


Monday, November 19, 2007

Holidays are Here: Marshall Fields (Macy's Pictures)

Steve and I had to go downtown 2 Saturday's ago so he could pick out new frame for his glasses. As he was fettering about the eyeglasses, I decided to walk around the famous Marshall Fields (now Macys) and see what wonderful things they were doing for the holidays. Here are some pictures of my walk.

The window displays are based on the Nutcracker theme. Unfortunately, this weekend was warmer than expected and people kept stopping in front of the windows...I was never able to make a shot quick enough!!! I will have to go back late in the evening (maybe) to see if I can get better pictures.

These pictures are taken from the fourth floor looking down.....these are two different atrium's ....the second atrium has a tile roof (last picture) that is absolutely amazing.

Hope you enjoy!


Music From The Edge: Big Pig (UPDATE)

I know I promised the full length AND the 12" Remix...I still plan on delivering that. I am currently waiting on my FedEx package to arrive from Portland. I went online to see when it would be arriving (and estimated time was WEDNESDAY.) Well, if it doesn't come by Tuesday, you will all have to wait just a bit longer since I will be driving back to Ohio for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

I promise, though, that it will be worth the wait!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sister Jodi

My sister is another year older today. I know I needed to start doing the birthday blog post with my brother (cause he is the oldest and it would make the most sense) but I didn't have the wherewithal to make it happen until now.

So going forward, I plan on wishing my family members happy birthday via my blog in my own special way.

My sister Jodi is 7 years younger than me....youngest of the family - and as we were growing up - the BIGGEST tattle-tale known to man. She mentioned in a post on her blog "Figuring It Out" that she didn't feel close to me as she was growing up.

I think I have an answer for some of that. As Jodi was getting to the age of "understanding" her surroundings, I was getting into trouble. Knowing that she was a tattle-tale to the Nth degree - it was to my benefit not to be in her line of sight...or in earshot....

Well, I always loved my little sister - she was cute as a button and just so darn lovable. But being a teen-age boy that was more interested in not getting caught, a strong relationship with Jodi was like a moth to a flame. I knew that my brother Jimmy was near and dear to her, and so was my sister Jenny - so I guess I felt OK with this decision. Jenny (my other sister that is 4 years my junior) was a bit easier to work with -though she was "sneaky"....I know this cause she used to sneak in my bedroom when I wasn't there and look at my dirty magazines (and they were all of men) - I don't even know how she reconciled this in her mind.....anyway, I knew that I had to be a bit OK with Jenny since she knew this fact about me but didn't tell mom....I guess she didn't want to dry up her supply of porn?!

So that is my little story about my little sister Jodi (and my little sister Jenny).....I love them both so dearly - I am so glad that I was able to build a very strong relationship and bond with both of them as I got older. is a picture that happened to fall out of my album (literally) as I was cleaning up my office - I figured it was a sign and that I had to use it...

From left to right is me, Jodi, and Jimmy (Jenny was busy getting her first communion - so she's not in this picture) but we were all there supporting her big day in the rites of the Catholic Church....
I believe I was 10 or 11, which makes Jodi 3 or 4, and Jimmy 12 or 13. I don't have the memory that both of my sisters have (I think it may be because of ......well, we won't get into that here)....anyway here is the picture...

And now for a "now" picture of my sister Jodi. I didn't ask permission - but I loved this picture so much I had to....



Music From The Edge: LaTour

The very first song that I bought with my employee discount at Camelot Music was LaTour's "People Are Still Having Sex." It still remains one of my favorite songs to this day as it reminds me of my "dream job!"

William LaTour, a Chicago transplant, came to fame in 1991 with his controversial hit song. Many people were upset that the lyrics of the song stated that "This AIDS thing's not working." Pressured, the label forced a change to the lyrics for the radio edit. The change resulted is a less than acceptable "This SAFE thing's not working."

Whether it was the hard driving beat, or the controversial nature of the song, itself, LaTour managed to hit #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play, #3 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Single Sales, and #35 on Billboard's Hot 100.


People Are Still Having Sex (LP Version)

People Are Still Having Sex (Ralph's Orgasmic Mix)

Be on the look-out for a new CD from LaTour in June 2008.