Friday, July 18, 2008

The Garden

My partner Steve found that he has a green thumb. He really does...unlike me, I kill plants, flowers, fish...whatever. I have to say, Steve does a great job in the garden and chose some great flowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer. Here are just a few for you to enjoy!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Congratulations Olivia

Well, Olivia got married!!! Congratulations! She married long-time health guru John Easterling, whom she had been dating for a few years. Well wishes to them both and congratulations!!!

And our Livvy is also doing a commercial for Nintendo in Australia - here is the commercial.....enjoy!

OOOOHHH....and don't forget to catch Olivia's new sitcom on the LOGO channel "Sordid Lives" it starts next week (I CAN'T WAIT!!!) Here is the video for one of the original new songs for the television show....ENJOY!!!!!

Don't forget to check the official website for everything Sordid and be sure to watch the premiere Wednesday, July 23rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music From The Edge: BONUS: Republica

No long story - I just love this song!
There is an interesting story that goes with this song - I will share at a later the meantime - ENJOY!

Download: Ready To Go (Single)
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

1) Single Version
2) Original Mix

Extra Bonus: Ready To Go (Video)


Music From The Edge: Take 5

Elektra Records was dying to get in on the boy band craze, and had no success until Take 5. Another Louis J. Pearlman creation, Take 5, formed in 1997, was set to take on the music world like its predecessors Backstreet Boys and *Nsync. They followed the Pearlman formula...releasing numerous singles across the ocean in Europe and Asia where they toured extensively (3 years!)trying to make a name for themselves.

All 5 members of Take 5 had their roots in the entertainment industry....TJ Christofore won Star Search in 1995, Clay and Ryan Goodall were both classically trained pianists as well as accomplished actors, Steve Schulthorpe was a model and actor, and Tilky Jones was a former member of the SKA band User Friendly.

Though they found moderate success in Europe and Asia, their success in the U.S. was not to be....a little late to the boy band parade, Take 5 was victim of the boy band backlash that the millennium had brought. By the time Elektra Records got around to "introducing" Take 5 to the US market, the ship had sailed.

Releasing their one and only CD "Against All Odds," (prophetic actually) 8/29/2000, they only managed a showing on Billboard's Heatseeker's Chart peaking at #26.

The lead-off single "Shake It Off" did not chart. This is a special PROMO ONLY version of the single.


Download: Shake It Off (PROMO ONLY)

Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

1) Radio Edit
2) Radio Version
3) Extended Mix
4) Audio Bio
5) Call-Out Hook

Enjoy the video for "Shake It Off"

Side note: Band Member TJ Christofore was the first in a line of former Pearlman boy band members to allege sexual abuse by Pearlman.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Back....!

So, I've been searching for the week-and-a-half that I "lost" somewhere. Then, I realized that I lost another week...then another........somewhere lost in the black hole of time......

This next week promises to be as busy as the previous weeks (where I seem to have lost time), but I am committed to bringing you some music...but you will have to forgive me when I do not bring you any editorial content to join with the tunes (I figure, the easiest part of the post is the music....)

Today, however, I want to share some pictures that I took with my camera phone on Thursday when some really severe storms crossed my path on the way home. I thought I would send them into the local news channel (they put weather pics up when they are doing the weather), but seeing as though I cannot manage my computer time well, I didn't get them uploaded quick i thought I would share them with you!

It was quite frightening - I thought a tornado would drop down on my and wisk me away like Dorothy......

This line of storms came so quickly - each of these pics were taken within minutes of each other....right before the wind and the rain came.....there was a lot of damage in the area, but it was over almost as soon as it began...very weird!

Here's to next week!