Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Music From The Edge: Pat & Mick

Sneaking into the local gay bar at age 19 got a lot easier. I had actually been doing it since I was 16....So, 3 years later I was a "fixture" in the local gay dance club and had even been given a spot on the 'coveted' box. (Yes, I was a box boy). One of my fondest memories when I was anointed with this honor was hearing the song "Use it Up & Wear It Out" blast through the speakers on the dance floor....the place went NUTS. So as my tribute to these early days - I give you the entire Maxi-Cassette of Pat & Mick.

DOWNLOAD: Pat & Mick "Use It Up & Wear It Out" (MaxiCassette)

Bitrate: 128 Kbps

Side One:

Use It Up & Wear It Out (7:13)
I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet (6:13)
Let's All Chant (Something For The Kids Mix) (6:28)

Side Two:

Star Teaser (4:59)
You Better Not Fool Around (4:23)
On The Night (6:23)

~~Ripped From Cassette~~

Pat & Mick, The British Duo comprised of Pat Sharp & Mick Brown managed to make a small ripple on the US pop charts with the help of uber-dance-producers Stock, Aitken, & Waterman (Remember Rick Astley?). Producing the entire maxi-cassette as well as taking writing credits for the entire Side Two, the dance floors of gay bars throughout the country were brimming with hot bodies dancing to the famous "One, Two, Three...Shake Your Body Down..."

The most successful track off this maxi-cassette was, of course, Use It Up & Wear It Out (surprisingly the SECOND release from the same titled cassette), making The Billboard Hot 100 and peaking at #81 (#40 on The Billboard hot Dance Music/MaxiSingle Sales). The first single released, "Let's All Chant" failed to chart.

Interestingly, I was unable to locate a video for either of these tracks, but was able to find one for their third and final single from the album "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet." Again, "Dancing" failed to chart...but the video remains iconic of the late 80's hair and fashion...what a blast.

Though Pat & Mick worked through the early 90's they were unable to re-create the excitement and panache of their earlier work.



Monday, October 29, 2007

Pushing Daisies

I haven't had a lot of time to watch TV as of late,(hard to believe, I know) - but starting a new job and trying to find time to continuously hit the gym, keep up with my blog, work on converting record albums and cassette tapes to MP3's, finishing up cleaning the garage, and making sure that I still have time for my partner make TV watching a bit difficult.....(THANK GOD FOR DVR!)

As I stated before, I don't' have time for much TV - but I Tivo'd Pushing Daisies because it looked interesting......and it is exactly that. I know that it finished 2nd behind FOX and the World Series - so all can't be bad - not to mention that this show is just "different."

If you haven't had a chance - click the link above and go to ABC and view a few episodes for yourself.....I know you will enjoy it.

As for Bionic Woman - I LOVE IT.....but for some reason, it has been fading terribly in the ratings since its debut week. I am confident that NBC is working hard to build the audience (there is gonna be a love interest)...we'll see - it would be awful to see that show fail... :(

Well, that is all for now....


Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Mix Tapes: DJPB Presents Hott Grooves '96

Before I get started, I would love to invite you all to see my brother's blog. In his latest post, my brother accuses me of suffering from BDS or Bush Derangement Syndrome. Well, I commented (he suckers me into it), but I can assure all of my great readers that I suffer from no such syndrome- I only suffer from the REALITY that Bush is, in fact, our President.

On a lighter note, I have found all of my cassettes from my club days. Some were made for me, some I made myself. My latest hobby (I have a few now), is to transfer these to MP3 format and to share with all of you. Some of the mix tapes are better than others, but all of them contain rare remixes. So for my inaugural post I give you, DJPB Presents: Hott Grooves '96.

I recorded these mixes from my personal collection of music - we didn't have IPods back then. I loved to put stuff together so I could listen to it when I was in the car (or getting ready to hit the clubs....) Knowing me - there is a story behind the songs chosen for this mix tape (but for the life of me I don't know what it is...I might make something up later.)

This mix tape was recorded as a single MP3 file for Side A, and then a single MP3 file for Side B.


James Brown Is Dead – LA Style
I’m In Love With You – BKS
All or Nothing – Miisa
Keep Me Hangin’ On – Reba McEntire
One More Try (Junior’s Factory Mix) – Kristine W.
Hot Stuff (Hott Mix) – DJ Miko
I’m Your Man – Lisa Moorish Feat. George Michael
Gimme Luv – Pulsar
Tell Me – Activate
Baby Baby (Extended Mix) –Corona


Input – S50
If Madonna Calls – Junior Vasquez
Sky High – Newton
No More Tears - KD Lang & Andy Bell
Freedom – DJ Bobo
I’ll Be Alright – MTS
Fastlove - George Michael
Return To Innocence – Enigma

Click on the SIDE A or SIDE B link(s) to download). Enjoy. Download it to your IPod. But most of all let me know what you think!!!