Thursday, February 19, 2009

Has it been 2 months?

So, the holiday's have come and gone....busy time of year. Then comes January - cold, miserable, snowy...and a busy time at work. So busy that I have to change my workout schedule and work late. That's OK too. Then comes February - even busier than January for work......and I have this huge presentation that I have to do next week.......

So before I even realize it - it is been TWO MONTHS since I have written a blog post.

The hard work that I put into this and the many readers that have discovered me are probably long gone.... :(

Well, just like Spring brings new life and we say goodbye to the old dried up plants in our garden as the new green stems begin to pop out - I shall again give birth to this blog - (for like the umpteenth time).

So - here is to 2009 and many many blog posts for all to enjoy. I did visit a great record show, where I spend about 100.00 on some great rare remixes - I can't wait to begin sharing them with you!