Friday, May 09, 2008

Music From The Edge: Alpha Team

Released during the early techno craze in late 1992 early 1993, "Speed" is the only track from Strictly Hype Recording Artist ALPHA TEAM. Not much to the song, but definitely will remind you of clubbing in the 90's.

Chart history: Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play #43, Billboard Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Single Sales #16, Billboard Hot 100 #74.

The single can be found online selling for as much as $30.00 used.

Here is my tribute to the release of SPEED RACER: THE MOVIE out in theaters today...

Bitrate: 320Kbps

Track Listing:
1) Speed (Club Mix)
2) Speed (Radio Edit)
3) Speed (Hardcore)

The Video (forewarning - the sound quality is pretty bad).


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Music From The Edge: Bette Midler

I would have to turn in my card if I didn't give fair mention to the Divine Miss M. You just gotta love her!

In 1995, after a 5 year studio hiatus, Miss M revisited her AC sound with the wonderfully produced album "Bette of Roses (Peak position Billboard Top 200 Albums #45-but still interesting to note the RIAA certification of 2x Platinum!). Though there were many songs on this album that could have been released, Atlantic wanted something that would cross-over to the clubs. The best track, they felt, was "To Deserve You."

Interesting choice, as the song is really about a woman who believes that her one and only can't possibly love her. She pleas desperately for his love...

I would die for you.
Could you ever love me that much?
How I want, how I want to deserve you.
Yes, you tell me this,
and I want to believe that it's true.
Aah, how I want, how I want to deserve you.

Pretty heavy for a club song, right? Well, add a bit of Bette spice with a hint of Arif Mardin and Steve Skinner and PRESTO....Instant Club Success!!!

Going through my own personal struggle with break-up and relationship disaster, this song certainly allowed many a tear to flow down my cheek. To hear it at the club, helped me down another beer and dance my heart out.

I look back on this, now, older and wiser - I can visualize myself in the role of that woman (or in my case man)- wanting and deserving someones love and feeling as if I could not possibly ever be was was truthful....haunting if I might say...and extremely sad as well.

Then I was able to understand. I was worthy, I was more wanting necessary! 1995 was a period of transition in my life, I began to grow up. I was that person singing "How I want to deserve you...." to being the man I am today singing...."I am what I am...." and being loved for that just the same...! I realized that my "want" to be loved was not the same as actually "being" loved. It can't be forced, it can't be just has TO BE. I had to love myself enough to know it would happen, but not on my terms....but in time....and it did.

Download: To Deserve You CD5

Bitrate: 320Kbps

Track Listing:
1) Arif's Dance Radio Mix
2) Bonzai Club Mix
3) Bonzai's "Die 4" Mix
4) Arif's Club Mix
5) MK Mix
6) Album Version

Video Fun....
To Deserve You - Album Version

To Deserve You - Club Mix

Peace. Love. Live.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Music From The Edge: Kim Richey

By accident - you come across an artist that just "grabs" you. Kim Richey is one of those artists. A native of Ohio (go Buckeyes!), Kim Richey (more famous as a songwriter for artists like Trisha Yearwood and Lorrie Morgan) was destined (for me) to end up in my pile of artists that I would eventually get to but never do. Then I was introduced to the song "Come Around"

Released by Mercury Nashville in 1999, "Come Around" was supposed to be the lead-off single for Richey's 3rd album "Glimmer"....but for some reason (at the last minute) was replaced by "The Way It Never Was." Neither song charted. So much for promotion.

A departure from her previous two albums, "Glimmer" focused more on a popular sound - a way for her to break out as an artist. Well, for some reason it didn't work......while Ms. Richey's first two albums managed to make the Top Country Album Chart (72 and 53), "Glimmer" didn't chart at all, and now the CD is out of print. But thankfully you can still download the full length CD on Itunes.

If you are into singer/songwriters with a Sam Phillips flair- you need to check out this artist.

DOWNLOAD: "Come Around" Advance CD Single

Bitrate: 320Kbps