Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dick Cheney: Always remember what you say

I was listening to the radio the other day when I heard a clip of Dick Cheney talking about the war in Iraq. What I didn't know at the time was, this clip was taken from a C-SPAN interview with Cheney back on April 15, 1994. He was asked why we did not go into Baghdad during the first Gulf War and take out Saddam.

His answer is surprising. Or not surprising - depending on how you look at things. He stated that "not many American lives" were worth being lost in order to topple the Saddam regime. He also stated that it would be a "quagmire."

So here is the video so you can see for yourself:

So what changed between 4/15/2004 and when we actually toppled the Saddam regime that made it worth those American lives?

I found his comments to be quite prophetic. He KNEW what he was talking about, and I AGREED with him then (and agree with this position still today). What I don't understand is why his opinion changed, every thing he said has come true. This man is nothing more than an opportunist, a liar, a war-hawk, and has, along with this administration, put our soldiers in harms way for a war HE KNEW was unwinnable, a war HE KNEW would turn into a "quagmire." This is ONE of the reasons why I support his impeachment.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bionic Woman

Now for a bit of braining numbing banter - especially after the "hard-hitting" topics as of late.

I am psyched about the remake of the Bionic Woman (probably the only hit NBC will have). Here is a extended preview of the new series. I can't wait!! And "bonus!!!" it starts on my sister's birthday 9/26/07 (so I know that will bring good luck).

Of course NOTHING could replace the original series.

I used to LOVE the original series with Lindsay Wagner, (and as a gay boy- of course I liked her more than The Six Million Dollar Man). The best had to be the episodes with the Bionic Woman VS. the FEMBOTS.......CLASSIC!!!!!


Back to it: Last Week Revisited

It's been a week since I wrote. I have been busy, not to mention, I needed a break from the unbelievable amount of negativity from the previous week.

Before I go on with the point of this blog post - might I mention that has formally written a comment comment on my blog. Though I disagree with her, I must say her comment was well written and well thought out.

Ms. Patterson has also responded publicly on her blog to a comment I wrote on her blog earlier (which nonetheless sparked the controversy.)

I plan to respond to Ms. Patterson's post - not out of spite or anything like that, but to get us out of the "spin-zone" that I hate so much. Ms. Patterson is certainly passionate about what she does, and for that I applaud her. However, serious reservations remain, and I will discuss those in detail on a later date.