Saturday, July 14, 2007

Music From the Edge: Imogen Heap

I came across this CD after seeing Imogen on David Letterman a while back. I didn't realize this at first, but Imogen Heap was part of the successful brit group Frou Frou. Her music is different, authentic, and strange...which makes it all too good for the radio. You don't find artists like this often. Her layered sounds remind me loosely of Enya, but in a more contemporary fare. Considering the major label (Sony) support (?), Imogen has been placed on various soundtracks and compilation CD's, but has only managed to chart at #145 on the Billboard 200.

Check out:
Imogen Heap's Hide & Seek from the CD Speak for yourself released in 2005.

You can purchase her full length CD at Amazon or at ITunes.

And the video? Wow...


Friday, July 13, 2007

Flashback Fridays

This picture means a lot to me for it was a moment in time that I had always wanted to happen. It was taken after the Spring Gala Concert for ETC All American Youth Show Choir in 1984 (or 85). This concert took place at EJ Thomas Hall in Akron, and my grandparents came to see my brother and I perform. I can honestly say that this moment is one that I will always cherish, because my grandma told me how proud she was of me and how well I performed.

Considering that I never felt a lot of love (or any other emotion for that matter) from my grandma, I have to say it was one of the happiest moments I can remember with her. On the other hand, my grandpa (I am actually tearing up as I write this), my grandpa was always there to support and give praise. I loved him so dearly. He was – and still is a major influence in my life. I continue to lean on him for support and encouragement, even though he has passed away.

This was a very difficult time in my life for me personally. I look back at this picture and am still keenly aware of the pain I was feeling. I was struggling with my sexuality, I was struggling with my weight, and I was struggling just trying to make it through being a regular teen-ager. But the only time I wasn’t struggling was when I was on stage. There I could be anyone other than myself. I could make people happy – even my grandma.

When I need to be close to my grandparents, I look at this picture and reflect on this special moment in time. I chose this picture to be my first Friday Flashback simply because of the joy I felt at that moment – like I could do anything, be anything, but most of all be happy and know that I was loved.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Family Values: Case - State Rep. Robert "Bob" Allen

My how the mighty have fallen....just when you think you have heard it all concerning sex scandals and the republican party (Sen. Vittor and the DC Madame) now comes to light that State Rep. Robert "Bob" Allen (R-FL) has his own sex scandal to deal with....and McCain has another headache to deal with (as if the Iraq war wasn't weighing heavy enough on his brain.)

Interestingly enough....I googled all the major news sites...and not a single mention of this scandal. So much for the Liberal Media.

What makes me angry about this not that Mr. Allen offered to pay an undercover officer 20.00 to give the undercover officer a BJ.....but that this man is nothing more than a HYPOCRITE. His record speaks for itself....another case of DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO.

There are a lot of interesting blog posts about this......(funny how blogs give the news and news gives you Paris).

I will leave it at that..... : ) or as Rachel Maddow says "Poking a Sharp Stick at the Soft White Underbelly of the Republican Administration."

Guess now.....we just wait for Bush to pardon him.........


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Web Rings

So I just signed up to join the Chicago Blog Webring. I wonder if this will actually draw more people to my blog. It will be interesting to report on any new traffic in the future. Not to mention, I could use the contacts here in Chicago. I've been here since 2001 and still can count the number of friends on one hand.

C'mon Chicago! Let me know what you are thinking!


Different Picture

So my brother wrote me an email saying that my pictures on my blog were SCARY.

I was sad (I actually thought they were good.)......well, I decided to put up some other non-scary pictures instead. What can I say: my brother does have an impact on me in some ways....


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Brother 8: My Opinion

OK. Two shows in and I really can't stand Jen. She is annoying (and psycho!) Wow! She already is having jealousy issues and going psycho girl crazy on Nick.

The disappointing thing about this season, is that none of the guys are really all that good looking. Scary thing is I think Dustin is the hottest guy (and don't ask me why cause I don't know!?)

And by the way....Joe? YUCK! and what is with Nick hanging his arms all over Joe during the choosing of Power of there something you wanna tell us Nick?

Danielle....hey girl, you are cute n'all but eat something ok??????

Monday, July 09, 2007

Cleaning Out the Garage

I am on vacation. Since we are doing our best to remain debt free (yeah, right!), I was unable to go anywhere on vacation, so I am doing things around the new homestead. So today, I decided to takle the garage.

Since we only moved into our new home at the end of March, there were still many boxes of "non-essentials" that needed to be unpacked, organized and eventually used, placed, discarded, or re-packed. So my day consisted of going through all of this "stuff" and making decisions on what to do with it.

I guess I am perplexed by the amount of "stuff" that we moved from one place to another...though I am usually of the mindset to donate or discard/recycle anything that I haven't used in a year's time, my partner doesn't necesarily follow this practice (and let's be honest....there is plenty more that I could do the same to as well...).

So my goal for this summer is to donate as much of the "stuff" that I can, ebay off the stuff that is a potential money maker, and discard/recycle anything that can't fall under the first two. The hard part of this goal will be to have my partner do the same thing (he tends to be more of a pack rat than I - not to mention he has over 4 boxes [extra-large u-haul boxes] of shoes!)....i'm talking Imelda Marcos here!

So if any of you have suggestions on how to make this process go more smoothly, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment!