Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Music From The Edge: The Human League

80's new wave/synthpop band The Human League was ready to reclaim their position as an international sensation when they released their 7th full-length album "Octopus". It was a re-birth of sorts, as The Human League had been released from their long-term contract with Virgin Records after the album"Romantic?"** failed to garner a single hit ("Heart Like A Wheel" managed to reach #32 on the Billboard Hot 100).

With a new record label, East/West, The Human League was ready explode back on the music charts. The lead off single from "Octopus" was a catchy upbeat song reminiscent of their earlier work in the 1980s (prior to "Human"). "Tell Me When" was a return to their roots, so to speak, with a more mature approach to song lyric and more attention to the musical layering. Originally recorded as a demo in 1991 for Virgin records (who promptly rejected the song before releasing the band of their contract), Philip Oakey was determined to make this the focal point of a new album.

The video, filmed entirely in Prague, also provided proof of a more mature message the rich scenery replaced the substantive 80's flair. "Tell Me When" went on to reach #6 on the UK Singles Chart, #31 on Billboard Hot 100, #15 on Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play and was their biggest chart success in 9 years.

Unfortunately, The Human League was unable to repeat the success with their follow-up singles "One Man In My Heart," and "Filling Up With Heaven" (both failed to chart in the US but "One Man In My Heart" managed a Top 20 showing in the UK). With the music industry beginning to show signs of weakening, East/West Records went through a roster shake-up resulting in The Human League without a recording deal.

Download: "Tell Me When" CD5

Bitrate: 320Kbps

**A side note - the failure of "Romantic?" and the loss of the record contract with Virgin Records almost doomed The Human League, but a stubborn and extremely positive Joanne Catherall managed to keep the group together.. (and they are still together in 2008!)


Monday, April 28, 2008

Music From The Edge: Hal

Capitalizing on the electronic/ambient craze of the mid-to-late 90's, and coming off her extreme popularity as Agent Scully on the X-Files, Gillian Anderson lends her sensual voice as the back drop for this rare track by Hal.

Not only did Gillian lend her vocal talents to this track, she personally selected all of the songs featured on the release, "Future: A Journey Through The Electronic Underground." This 2CD set was a collection of music inspired by the BBC television Future Fantastic,(which Gillian hosted).

"Extremis" was the first track released. Interestingly - Hal was virtually unknown in the electronic/ambient movement, whereas William Orbit, Brian Eno, Chemical Brothers, and Air all had some name recognition...Sometimes you must wonder why labels choose the lead-off tracks they do?

DOWNLOAD: Hal featuring Gillian Anderson "Extremis" CD5
Bitrate: 320Kps

So enjoy a piece of 90's obscure electronica!

For an added bonus - here is the video!.....all I can say is it puts new meaning to the term "cyber sex".....!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do You Remember? 90's Edition

2000 Malibu Road
Aired Wednesdays 9pm on CBS...first airdate 08/23/1992 ...last airdate 09/09/1992

I could have loved this show...! Drew Berrymore, Jennifer Beals, Lisa Hartman, and (ohhhhhhhhhh) Brian Bloom (hotttttt)!!!

Do you think there is a chance we will ever see this on DVD????


Music From The Edge: Sunday Edition

Well, as promised I am bringing you more, more, more. As many of you know (but most of you don't....) I love music. It truly is my passion. I was lucky enough to spend many years in the music industry (until it all came crashing down)...and honestly have to say that I had found my "dream" job. Well - reality hits pretty hard - and even though I am no longer in the industry - I continue with my passion. So much so that I began to create mix CD's. For my own purposes - yes - but I did pass them out to family and friends from time to time.... My mix CD's are similar in nature to those wonderful 80's mix tapes we used to all make. No way professional, but full of music we certainly love.

In my mind (and boy does it work overtime sometimes) I created my own music label...(as you will see below), and created graphics for my CD's....ok, maybe I took it a bit far - but I was having fun!

This Mix CD is the 2nd in a series titled "Illicit Material Enclosed"

DOWNLOAD: DJ CatchR Present's: Illicit Material Enclosed II
Bitrate: 320Kbps

I converted the file to RAR so I could upload the entire file at once (I really got sick of doing it one by one...).....if anyone has trouble with unzipping - you can download a free unzip program called Rarzilla

So let the music play. Enjoy.