Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I Miss Clinton

Sorry I've been away for a while, but I have been working hard on my degree (and its taking up a lot of time!)

After seeing our GREAT former President Clinton at the Democratic Convention in Boston- I longed for the days that he was in office!  I don't condone what he did (though I gotta tell you ...who wouldn't want to get a BJ in the Oval Office-just so you can say you did???)

Anyway, I digress.  The past four years, have been terrible.  I am embarrassed by Bush, he's such an IDIOT. 

...more later....

In the meantime, check out this fun parody of both Bush and Kerry ... it's really funny!

See you soon!


John said...

I totally misread that headline as "I, Miss Clinton", like you were a little single female version of William Jefferson.

Catchrdude said...

God, how could I not get that??? Only you John...LOL

Catchrdude said...

Besides....if it really meant would have read:

I, Miss Clinton

so there!