Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes: In My Nephew's Own Words

My sister was so proud of her son, that she sent off to everyone one of his very first essays. I was so touched by his amazing level of intellect and empathy, I was moved to tears. My nephew is 12 years old and in the sixth grade, he is certainly growing up into such a wonderful, caring young man. I asked permission from my nephew and sister to reprint his essay, in his own words without any editing. I hope you find it as heartwarming and give you as much hope for the future as it did me. So without further adieu...................................

To Be A Doctor

When I’m old enough I’m going to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor because I want to save many different lives. I could go around the world and go to different countries. I’d also get standard equipment and a white coat. I’d be working in hospitals or possibly refugee camps in third world countries, or even a pharmacy.
To become a doctor it takes a lot of training and schooling. For starters, I’ll be a paramedic, but that takes about 6 months to 1 year of paramedic school. Then I’d probably be working in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician and deal with medicines. Finally I’d become an E.R. doctor and really save lives.
When I’m an E.R. doctor I’d do a lot of work. I’ll be working on standard stuff like broken bones and minor illnesses. I’ll work on machines like the x-ray, the CAT scan and many more. I’d also work with surgeons to help them in surgery. I could probably be able to find out if something is a fake report of illness, or if something that happened to someone ties him or her to a crime. Finally pretty much the worst part is to write a report about anything major that happens in the hospital.
When I become a doctor, I will move out of the country. I’d move because the U.S.A. doesn’t have Universal Healthcare because I believe that everyone should have the right to treatment. There are only three countries I’d like to move to and they are, France, the U.K., or Canada. The only bad part is that I’d have to learn the history of the country and the language if it is different than mine.
If I get good enough I could help around the world. I’d probably get to go to the Middle East, Darfur, and/or go to where we are having a war. The reason why I’d probably go to one of these places is because they don’t have medical marvels. The only downer about this is I could get sick by an illness that is not common to my home country. Rarely, I could get in between a gunfight in a war scene.
When I get a lot of experience from being on an E.R. staff, I’d hope to accomplish a few things. First I would want to find a cure for a rare illness. Next, I would like to solve many different mystery diagnoses. Finally, I’d really like to be a major hero figure and role model to many different people. This is why I want to be a doctor.


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the antique said...

wonderful John Thank you. I got to read it in person and it is a treat seeing it on your blog. I agree He is a wonderful guy with great ides and I hope he gets to do it all exce3pt maybe war and gunfights. The Antique and His Golden Girl