Monday, November 19, 2007

Holidays are Here: Marshall Fields (Macy's Pictures)

Steve and I had to go downtown 2 Saturday's ago so he could pick out new frame for his glasses. As he was fettering about the eyeglasses, I decided to walk around the famous Marshall Fields (now Macys) and see what wonderful things they were doing for the holidays. Here are some pictures of my walk.

The window displays are based on the Nutcracker theme. Unfortunately, this weekend was warmer than expected and people kept stopping in front of the windows...I was never able to make a shot quick enough!!! I will have to go back late in the evening (maybe) to see if I can get better pictures.

These pictures are taken from the fourth floor looking down.....these are two different atrium's ....the second atrium has a tile roof (last picture) that is absolutely amazing.

Hope you enjoy!


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