Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back to it: Last Week Revisited

It's been a week since I wrote. I have been busy, not to mention, I needed a break from the unbelievable amount of negativity from the previous week.

Before I go on with the point of this blog post - might I mention that has formally written a comment comment on my blog. Though I disagree with her, I must say her comment was well written and well thought out.

Ms. Patterson has also responded publicly on her blog to a comment I wrote on her blog earlier (which nonetheless sparked the controversy.)

I plan to respond to Ms. Patterson's post - not out of spite or anything like that, but to get us out of the "spin-zone" that I hate so much. Ms. Patterson is certainly passionate about what she does, and for that I applaud her. However, serious reservations remain, and I will discuss those in detail on a later date.


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Jodi said...

John, I have to say that I read her blog post and I agree with her for the most part. She did slightly take your comment out of context, but she does have a responsibility to communicate with her constituency and I think that a blog is a good way. Does it alienate poorer people who don't have access to the internet? Yes, but so do board meetings in the evenings. Poorer people often work second shift and don't have money for a babysitter.