Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Portland Blues

I am in Portland, OR for work this week. The weather has been wonderful: 75 degrees and sunny (how unusual for Portland?!). Exciting as this is, I am here for really. But as I found out this afternoon, I am forced to be isolated in my hotel room for 24-48 hours. Why? Because I somehow contracted Strep Throat...I went to the clinic here Tuesday afternoon and got the news. I am miserable.

There is nothing worse than being sick. But...that is not true. There is NOTHING worse than being sick (bedridden sick, isolation sick) than being sick in a town where there is no family and a hotel with a bad mattress.

I so much want to be at home in my own bed, snuggling up with my body pillow while my partner rubs my back. (Oh, did I tell you that I am a BIG baby when I am sick...?)

So I have slept the majority of the afternoon, and now I can't sleep because my throat is RAW. I am exhausted. Guess I am going to try and count sheep or something.



Jodi said...

Get room service and have them bring you extra tea bags. Ibroprofen is your friend. It will make it easier to swallow. Hope you feel better soon!

Charissa said...

Aww... sorry you are sick, John. I was once sick in a hotel in downtown LA while at a trade show. It sucked. Sleep and watch lots of those court shows. And order extra blankets so the bed feels messier, AKA better. Hugs to you.