Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Can I VOTE already?

OK, so now I am upset.  It is a day before the IOWA caucuses and Dennis Kucinich has as much conceded - at least temporarily.

He feels that he might not make the cut off for voting.  He has asked, if this happens to support Barak Obama.  I am stunned, actually.  I honestly do not know why he would do that?!  To me -Edwards is a more likely candidate (closer in alignment to K's views.).
Originally, I had heard that Kucinich was dropping out of the race all together - this turned out to be a false story........K has only asked our supporters in IOWA to have a second option if needed.
Good to know he's still in the race!
Well, I do get to vote on Feb 5th - and I will be voting for Kucinich!!!

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Charissa said...

Oh dear. J, I know you're my boyfriend and all, but Kucinich? I just can't go with you on this one. I just can't. Ohio-girl and all...