Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Johnny is a Man......

My dear friend John - who doesn't write, doesn't call, and has basically decided that his life in L.A. by far is more interesting without his good friends in the mid-west.....(can you tell I am a bit bitter that he hasn't called....or written...??)

Well, anyway, my dear friend John decided to VLOG. Interestingly enough - I watched it (supposed to be 5 minutes - ended up being 5:28).....and though I can honestly say I didnt' learn anything really "new" about John - I did discover ....or re-discover that he is a geek at heart. (Much love to him though...) And I hope BC is feeling better.

So, becuase I am so lazy right now (not really- just spending a heck of a lot more time at the gym and at work - and don't feel like doing much blogging) - I am reposting his VLOG for you all to see....for those of you that know me - yes..that is "the John."..........

So, enjoy this guest spot - and visit him at his blog to give him some mad props!


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