Monday, April 28, 2008

Music From The Edge: Hal

Capitalizing on the electronic/ambient craze of the mid-to-late 90's, and coming off her extreme popularity as Agent Scully on the X-Files, Gillian Anderson lends her sensual voice as the back drop for this rare track by Hal.

Not only did Gillian lend her vocal talents to this track, she personally selected all of the songs featured on the release, "Future: A Journey Through The Electronic Underground." This 2CD set was a collection of music inspired by the BBC television Future Fantastic,(which Gillian hosted).

"Extremis" was the first track released. Interestingly - Hal was virtually unknown in the electronic/ambient movement, whereas William Orbit, Brian Eno, Chemical Brothers, and Air all had some name recognition...Sometimes you must wonder why labels choose the lead-off tracks they do?

DOWNLOAD: Hal featuring Gillian Anderson "Extremis" CD5
Bitrate: 320Kps

So enjoy a piece of 90's obscure electronica!

For an added bonus - here is the video!.....all I can say is it puts new meaning to the term "cyber sex".....!


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