Saturday, June 07, 2008

Music From The Edge: Chris Gaines

As Garth Brooks retired (for, I think, the 4th time), he realized he couldn't stand to be away from music. He decided that he wanted to explore his "rock" roots and separate himself from his country identity.

In walks his alter-ego Chris Gaines. Originally conceived as a concept album, "The Life Of Chris Gaines,", [released September 28, 1999] (Peaked at #2 on Billboard's Top 200) was meant to be a starting point for a whole new career path for Brooks. This album was meant to serve as the "GREATEST HITS" of Chris Gaines and set the stage for an upcoming movie that Garth wrote about Chris Gaines' life, called "The Lamb."

The lead off single from the album was "Lost In You." Produced by Don Was and having that "Babyface" flair, the single was the only bright spot in the experiment of Chris Gaines. A massive ad campaign was started to promote the whole idea of Chris Gaines - trailers for the movie, a full page bio in Billboard Magazine, and even a VH1 Behind The Music Documentary (amazing!). But not all things Garth Brooks turn to gold....The movie deal went bust, the album flopped, and Chris Gaines went back to where he came from never to be heard from again. Many people had assumed that Garth Brooks had simply gone crazy, wanting to become another person and trying to start a new music career under an alias with an entirely new look - I personally think it was Genius.

Interestingly enough, for all of the many hits that Garth Brooks has had - this is the ONLY song to make the Top 5 in Billboard's Hot 100 - landing at #5 for 2 weeks. Two other tracks from the album managed some chart activity, "It Don't Matter To the Sun" (peaked at #24 Billboard's Hot Country Singles & Tracks), and "That's The Way I Remember It," (peaked at #26 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary Chart).

Download: "Lost In You" (Single)
Bitrate: 320 kbps

Bonus: Chris Gaines - Right Now


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Jodi said...

I think that he seemed crazy to me at the time. And now watching that video- he seems to be hiding behind his hair and he never makes eye contact. The video makes me uncomfortable...