Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Music From The Edge: Jennifer Paige

Jennifer Paige has managed to beat some terrible odds. Missing the "teen scene" boat (almost entirely), the release of her self-titled debut album on Edel America (August 11, 1998) saw the release of "Crush" as its lead off single.

Radio fell in love with Jennifer christening her as the next artist to watch. Amazing vocals and a well written track propelled Jennifer to the top of the charts (Billboard Top 100 #3, Billboard Top 40 Mainstream #3, Billboard Top 40 Tracks #7).

The release of "Always You" didn't fare as well, in fact it failed to chart (but managed a strong showing on the dance charts - #6 on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play). This was a disappointment to Edel America, as they were hoping the second single would propel the full-length album up the charts....it stalled out at #139 on The Billboard 200 (Heatseekers #39).

But the strength of "Crush" gave Jennifer a pass - and a chance at a second album. Fate would not be as kind the second time around. The release of Jennifer's sophomore album "Positively Somewhere," filled with a more mature sound, was released on 9/18/2001, exactly 1 week after the horrific events of 9/11/2001.

No one was in the mood to buy music. The album lacked a strong lead off single and the release disappeared without so much as a blip on the Billboard Charts.

Edel America had signed a 3 record deal with Jennifer - so to fulfill this contract, they released "Flower: The Hits Collection" on 10/05/04 and promptly dropped Jennifer Paige from their roster. Amazing how 2 full-length albums and 1 HIT song constitute having a "HITS COLLECTION???"....labels are a wonderful beast aren't they?

Not to worry....Jennifer Paige has completed what she hopes will be her comeback album on her own imprint Glor-Paige records, titled "Best Kept Secret." It was released world-wide (except the U.S.) on 04/25/2008, with no U.S. release date set as of today.

Download: "Crush" (US/CD5)

Bitrate: 320 Kbps


1) LP Version
2) Dance Mix
3) Instrumental

Bonus Bonus Bonus




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Charissa said...

I totally just downloaded Crush - including the original, dance mix and instrumental versions. Haha.