Sunday, September 07, 2008

There is no one like: Sam Harris

Sam Harris is just amazing. I can't even do justice with my words to describe his voice, his personality, his charm....he is just amazing.

Add to that - he has recorded my most favorite song of all time "I can't make you love me" from his new CD entitled "FREE".

"This song is especially emotional to Sam, and hard for him to get through, so he insisted that what you hear (and see) is what you get the first time around. Therefore, what you are hearing here is the actual recording you will hear from the album. Does not get anymore raw than this!"

I know how he feels - because this is what happens to me when I listen to this song - whether it is Bonnie Raitt, George Michael, or now Sam Harris - the song is so pure, the lyrics so profound.

Here is Sam Harris recording "I can't make you love me" Please visit his website and purchase the full length - you won't regret it!!


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Jodi said...

Just visiting- notice you haven't added a "I'm voting for Obama" button on your sidebar.