Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

Time certainly does fly - I have been working so hard lately, that I forgot how important and satisfying writing for my blog is! More of a chance to get away from reality - my blogging is a chance for me to release some pent up energy.

Work has been great, but very busy - I am even having a harder time getting to the gym (which I don't miss) - so what has to suffer is my television watching and my blogging.

Luckily, I think I have found a new balance. I can only hope that this will lead to a great year of posting.

But with the wedding looming larger (YES! I CAN'T wait to marry my partner of 9 years!) - even though it won't mean anything "legally" in Illinois, blogging will take a back seat.....but maybe, just maybe...I will write about the wedding plans - if you would like to hear about them...

And by the way, I hate the keyboard on my new laptop - I feel like I have to beat the keys to make them work - hopefully over time the keys will loosen up a bit and I will be able to type faster, stronger, better.



Jim-the Classical Liberal (Views from the Right) said...

Always copying your big brother! I started up again last week. posted again today. Welcome back!

BTW, are you coming with us next weekend (we are picking up Mom on Friday and heading to Niagra for Jonathan's b-day, returning on Sunday)?

Buster said...

Congrats on the engagement and doesn't matter that it won't mean anything to your state. You will create memories and have something for your very own and it will mean the world to you. Isn't that what matters? Congrats!

Maggie is... said...

Oh, dear John ... to many heterosexual couples, marriage doesn't mean anything, either; just look at the divorce rate! Enjoy your planning, enjoy your celebration, and enjoy your commitment. Marriage is so much more about commitment than it is about contracts, anyway. I love you and I cannot wait to share in your day.

So glad you're back in blogland! I've missed you!