Saturday, June 30, 2007

Music from the edge: Adiemus

Composer Karl Jenkins (Diamond Music) founded this group to delve into a deeper inner sanctum. The music of this group is haunting, and the lyrics sung are of a language only known to Karl himself, in order to showcase the human voice as an amazing musical instrument. It is mystifying to sit and listen to this group, though you have no idea what is being said, the music surrounds you and you are immediately transferred to a place of tranquility and solitude.

It shows the true meaning behind the saying that "music is a universal language". Along with its calming effects, the music intertwines a variety of world sounds from African to Arabic. This music transcends all genres and ideologies, allowing the listener to gain whatever perspective they need from religious to meditative.

This first video is the original release from the first Adiemus album entitled "Songs of Sanctuary", released in 1995 (main vocals my Miriam Stockely). This song was also the theme song for Delta Airlines.

This second video "Cantus (Song of Tears)" is one of my favorite songs from Adiemus (there was no official video for this release.)which was from the second CD release from Adiemus titled, "Adiemus II: Cantata Mundi" in 1997.

Both albums include the London Philharmonic. I hope you enjoy this different musical journey. It certainly is a pleasure to introduce Adiemus to a larger audience.


PS. These songs give me a feeling of peace and liberation. Considering the "place" where I currently reside, having this tranquility allows me to maintain a bit of sanity, where there otherwise may be none. The calming effects this music has on my soul, quiets the beast within and renews my spirit.

Next up in music from the edge: Ronan Hardiman

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