Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Brother 8: My Opinion

OK. Two shows in and I really can't stand Jen. She is annoying (and psycho!) Wow! She already is having jealousy issues and going psycho girl crazy on Nick.

The disappointing thing about this season, is that none of the guys are really all that good looking. Scary thing is I think Dustin is the hottest guy (and don't ask me why cause I don't know!?)

And by the way....Joe? YUCK! and what is with Nick hanging his arms all over Joe during the choosing of Power of Veto.......is there something you wanna tell us Nick?

Danielle....hey girl, you are cute n'all but eat something ok??????


Charissa said...

Okay - did you talk to Jodi? B/c I made her watch it today (I taped it) and we said the EXACT SAME THINGS! Joe is the most irritating human being on the planet. Stop whining, kid. And yes, Danielle is way too thin. So far I'm liking her and her dad best though - isn't that weird?

jpb2525 said...

Joe is irritating...he irk's me to no end! But, so far I have no favorites. BTW, can u watch the showtime feeds? I always fall asleep before they come on!

Charissa said...

I'm a loser with basic cable. [Insert shreeking here.]