Thursday, July 12, 2007

Family Values: Case - State Rep. Robert "Bob" Allen

My how the mighty have fallen....just when you think you have heard it all concerning sex scandals and the republican party (Sen. Vittor and the DC Madame) now comes to light that State Rep. Robert "Bob" Allen (R-FL) has his own sex scandal to deal with....and McCain has another headache to deal with (as if the Iraq war wasn't weighing heavy enough on his brain.)

Interestingly enough....I googled all the major news sites...and not a single mention of this scandal. So much for the Liberal Media.

What makes me angry about this not that Mr. Allen offered to pay an undercover officer 20.00 to give the undercover officer a BJ.....but that this man is nothing more than a HYPOCRITE. His record speaks for itself....another case of DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO.

There are a lot of interesting blog posts about this......(funny how blogs give the news and news gives you Paris).

I will leave it at that..... : ) or as Rachel Maddow says "Poking a Sharp Stick at the Soft White Underbelly of the Republican Administration."

Guess now.....we just wait for Bush to pardon him.........


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Jim-the Classical Liberal (Views from the Right) said...


Rolling my eyes at you...

This is a STATE REP!! (aka LOCAL STORY). However, the Liberal Media did cover this:

On Wednesday 7/11, 8:45PM--Orlando Sentinel,0,7769658.story
By Thursday the Associated Press had it on the wire:
July 12. 2007 6:15PM--
Thu Jul 12, 9:08 PM ET--
How about CBS News?--

--ABC News? July 12, 2007 11:33 AM

--Fox News (I guess they are fair and balanced),2933,289137,00.html

--Even the Christian Broadcasting Network

Love you John!