Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let's ENDA Discrimination!

Hi everyone. This is extremely important CIVIL RIGHTS legislation. Did you know, right now, that I could be FIRED for my job - just because I am gay (luckily I have chosen my companies well - but there are those bosses out there that would do this, don't you agree?) I am all for the free market, but I do believe that we should be protected from companies that would fire their employees simply because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual. (See Cracker Barrel)

It is a shame that we need this type of legislation at all, but we still are only in the 21st century....can't expect everyone to be enlightened!

There is rumor that the vote will be early next week. If you are unable to donate, please at least contact your congressional representative and urge them to support the passage of ENDA. If you would like to know more about ENDA I have enclosed links for you to check out.

Here is the actual proposed legislation for those that like to read:

And please don't underestimate the power of the extreme right....they are putting amazing mis-information out there on this issue.....just ask yourself, does this really ring true?

(I love this one the best....because it says that I suffer from a "clinical self-delusion")

Remember, that it is up to the citizens of this country to make change happen. Everyone, regardless of where you stand on this issue, should contact their Congressional Representative and their Senators and have your voice heard. Believe it or not, they do listen (sometimes). I like to remember the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."



Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk...

As far as I know you are not 'transgender' therefore do not suffer from the delusion

jpb2525 said...

I am not quite sure how to take this comment. If you are referring to the article I linked - you got it wrong. Here is a direct quote:
"If passed, the bill would grant special employment rights and protected minority status to individuals who define themselves based upon chosen sexual behaviors and others who — among other things — suffer from clinical self-delusion"
Since I do not define myself based upon "chosen sexual behaviors" (do straight people?), I fall under the "others" category and therefore, according to the article "suffer from clinical self-delusion." Thanks for comment...though I think the "tsk, tsk," was not needed - I think I proved my point.