Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sad Day In the USA

It is so good to know that free speech is alive and well in the United States of America - NOT!!! This UF student was forcibly removed, handcuffed, then TASERED for asking questions of John Kerry which had merit. The questions he asked were:

How could you concede the election?
Why don't we impeach Bush?
Are you a member of Skull and Bones?

The story, here, are not these questions- but the chilling reminder that we no longer live in a country where CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is tolerated. Many feel this man should have just walked away and been submissive to the overzealous police, but I am mad as hell at what happened. People will remember this and think twice about standing up and speaking out. He was "arrested" for "Inciting a Riot". Are you kidding me????? This is unbelievable. Kerry should have spoke out and told the police to stand down. But he is a wimp. Unbelievable.

I watched this video a few times, from a few different sources and still cannot understand why this even happened. Sure the man was probably "out of line," and "not following proper etiquette"....since when does that rise to the level of "inciting a riot???"

View these for yourself.



the antique said...

I get scared when I see this it makes me sick and I can not believe Kerry did and said NOTHING to intervene. I am sorry I had to vote for him the last time but their was no choice. It feels like we are on the way to Kent State May Day 1970 again. The Facists in charge of our government at this time do not understand Freedom of Speech. Be careful John Love Mom

jpb2525 said...

Mom, that is why I had to write about it. This is sickening. I am so angry about this - no wonder Kerry didn't say anything about the Swift Boaters - he's a coward. If I end up like this guy - at least I have had my say. I love you mom!

Charissa said...

I saw this on another blogger's site. It's not so much sickening to me, but frightening. I think Kerry missed an opportunity, but honestly he was probably in shock, too. What we don't see is whatever happened BEFORE the video, so I don't want to assume that I know why the guy was removed... but the taser stuff was digusting and uncalled for. Sick.