Monday, October 01, 2007

Lost in the 80's: Olivia Newton-John

Meeting OLIVIA....she is so wonderful...I could not be a happier man!

I have to make mention of my friend John's famous blog "Lost in the 80's." He finally did me proud (he always does really) by giving Olivia Newton-John her due on his blog by including the great song "Electric" as a sample. Though I could have helped him with the research (surprised he didn't ask.... ), he did a great job with this post. So check him out and give him props. There is no one I know that knows more about the music from this great period in music than John... Totally AWESOME!

As a tribute to his blog post - here is the album cover (front and back) from the Soul Kiss album. As a 15 year old, gay boy in the making - this sealed the deal for my undying devotion to everything Olivia!

The top picture is from the back cover of the Soul Kiss album (taken by the famous Herb Ritts),- Olivia topless with a riding crop!!! It was amazing! While the second picture is the seductive cover for the ill-received Livvy album. Alas, this album wears very well over the is in heavy rotation on my IPod, and is my second most-favorite ONJ album ever.

And not to forget that Olivia Newton-John is making her first appearance on PBS, premiering 10/2 on WLIW21 in NY and on other PBS stations in December, with her new special: "Olivia Newton-John: Live from Sydney"

Olivia has also began taping her new show on the LOGO channel called "Sordid Lives" based on the hugely popular festival film by the same name. 12 episodes have been ordered by LOGO and they are looking for a launch in early 2008.

Olivia also had the honor of being a part of the "Holiday Celebration at Ford's Theater" which will air on ABC in December

Finally, I have to mention that Olivia is still recording AMAZING music. Her current CD is titled "Grace and Gratitude" and was released in 2006 co-written by Amy Sky (who also collaborated with Livvy on the album "Rumor" released in 1988. You can download this CD at Itunes Olivia has also recorded another soon-to-be-released Christmas Album entitled "Christmas Wish"

SO....even though my dear friend John (and all of his infinite wisdom) has suggested that Livvy is in need of a comeback.....she's never really left! I will be posting some new rare tracks that are set to be released sometime be watching for my Music From the Edge posts....

Thank you DJPault for your due dilligence in fact checking. You are correct about the photo credits on the front and back covers of the "Soul Kiss" album. The Herb Ritts photo was the inner spread from the album. The CD cover does not include this photo. I was not able to scan the "original" photo - but the 12" remix of Soul Kiss has the inner spread as its cover. So, thank you again for the correction - and for those wanting to see the Herb Ritts photo (which I have framed in my office because its SO HOT) it is!



John said...

Uh, oh...what research did I miss?

jpb2525 said...

Not that you "missed" per se, but just did not include (what I would consider) vital information - which is why I created this post....You're the best John.

DjPault said...

Hi, there Djpault here glad to see Olivia on another blog. I have one small correction for you though, the "Soul Kiss" photos were actually taken by Helmut Newton, (Herb Ritts did the Physical album photos). Helmut had first worked with Olivia's sister, Rona, when she was 14 helping her become a model. He also knows Olivia's father so Olivia was pleased to be working with him. When Olivia talks about the controversial back cover of the album Olivia quips "It's called the back because my back is showing.". I thought you might enjoy this bit of info/trivia. By the way I have Linked You to both of my blogs. Please keep in touch.I enjoyed your blog.

jpb2525 said...

DJPault - thanks for the visit! I stand corrected on the Soul Kiss Photos - but I knew that Herb Ritts did some pictures on the Soul Kiss - it was the inner spread (Livvy in Red) which can only be found on the album (the CD did not have this picture)....I will post it in an update.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Olivia's Fan, so I was searching on the Web... trying to find new videos for my private collection and then I found your place, so I just wanted to say Thanks! for posting ONJ news and fotos.

From Chile,
Novva super_novva(hotmail)

jpb2525 said...


thanks for visiting! Keep checking back as I have some great samples of ONJ tracks ... also check out my friend DJPault's blog (link is in the blog section) See you soon!

Anonymous said...

My favourite album cover of all time i think - well more accurately my favourite back cover....

...that crop.....


pick me! pick me!