Friday, October 05, 2007

Twin Peaks

I am so excited! FINALLY - the ENTIRE SERIES of Twin Peaks will be available on DVD. I don't know how I missed the first season on DVD (and I was too mad to just buy season two), now I can have it ALL!!!! October 30.

My quest for the rest of the year will be to gather any and all TP memoribilia that I can find....

I used to have the "Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" by Jennifer Lynch, but I lent it to a friend after I read it - and never saw it again. BUMMER. So, I will begin my quest with my next paycheck - I have to do this economically......

SO if any of you run across any TP stuff....let me know! Most of you live in big cities - I am sure there is stuff out there!

And for your enjoyment - Here is the video from Julee Cruise "Falling"

And the original intro to the show!

Enjoy...and keep me posted!


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