Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Music From The Edge: Stacey Q

One of my favorite artists from the 80's, Stacey Q, left her mark on the pop world with the hits "Two of Hearts" and "We Connect." Though the songs seem quite gentle in nature, "We Connect" as I came to realize a few years later was full of suggestive lyrics:

"We connect, when we're together
It's so perfect, boy you shock me with
your wide hot love, I start to overload,
I explode when we connect..."

Of course I thought (and still think) it says:

"We connect, when we're together
It's so perfect, boy you SHOOK ME WITH
YOUR WHITE HOT LOAD, I start to overload,
I explode when we connect..."

Guess you have to listen and figure it out for yourself...

Though often considered a one hit wonder, Ms. Q has had a very successful career in music, movies, and television. (You may remember her from Facts Of Life as Cinnamon, as herself in Full House, or on Mama's Family as Ciji [the blond] in the "Bone Crushers" - see below)

Alas, most of her success remained in the dance music scene. With the release of
"Nights Like This" (out of print) came the single release (1989) of "Give You All My Love" which peaked on Billboard's Hot Dance Music/Club Play @ #16 and on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales Chart @ #8. Check out the video then sample the 12" mixes.

Give You All My Love (Crossover House Mix)
Give You All My Love (Crossover Club Mix)
Give You All My Love (Radio Edit)
Give You All My Love (Underground Mix)

Listen carefully - you will hear the distinctive voice of Martha Wash (Weather Girls/Black Box), and Jocelyn Brown (Snap [they stole her voice "I got the power" and Bizzare Inc. [who sampled her again, "I'm Gonna Get You"} and is most recently associated with Todd Terry)....also of note, this single was produced by the superduo David Cole and Robert Clivilles (of C+C Music Factory fame).

Ms. Q is still working! Rumour has it that there is a new CD in the works, and for those wondering what she looks like now......

If I hear more - I will let you all know!!


John said...

Yes...oh, yes...

Anonymous said...

That last picture isn't what Stacey looks like now - it's her on the cover of her 1988 single "Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself." Photos of her today can be found at

jpb2525 said...

Thank you for the correction. I never said I was perfect (G). I appriicate you all keeping me on my toes

Thanks for reading!!!

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