Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank You Dennis!


Thank you for making this an exciting time to be a Democrat. I am so happy that I got to promote you and your campaign. Your candidacy will not go unnoticed. It is with great appreciation that I bid you a sincere so-long to your run for President. I am so glad to say I come from the State of Ohio! Good luck on your re-election bid to Congress - you will succeed!!

At this time, I have decided that my vote will now go to Sen. Clinton on Feb. 5th. As I stated back in 1992 - I wanted Hillary to have her chance, and now she does!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Nonners,
I haven't seen that shot of Hillary. It is absolutely beautiful. Well with the Democratic field dwindling, I will be supporting Hillary in the Primary here in Ohio in March. And to think people thought Ohio's primary was going to be too late to have a say. With the way it has been going, Ohio could very well end up the deciding state again. Maybe, maybe this time, we will finally get it right.
Love ya!

Jodi said...

Not sure how a vote for Kucinich translates to a vote for Clinton? I vote Tuesday too and my guy, Edwards just dropped too. Once again this primary I am disappointed in the process. Voting has only occurred for a month in a hand full of states and we have only two to chose from. Doesn't feel very democratic to me and I don't know who I'm voting for yet. UGH!!!!