Sunday, January 20, 2008

War On Greed

We need to END welfare to the rich, and welfare to corporations. Let's put our tax dollars where they belong - in the hands of HONEST working people. I am sure this will get my brother all in a tisy - but there is something seriously wrong with the amount of wealth that is being accumulated at the top, while the middle class continues to shrink and take on the burden that should be shared by the wealthy. I see a class war on the horizon.....


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Jim-the Classical Liberal (Views from the Right) said...

Not in a tissy...
Did you hear what a great guy Kravis is?

According to the piece:

He employs over half a million people (560,000--likely in high paying jobs)
He has two buildings for staff in his second home...must be paying them
He paid $7 M for renevations to a barn at his 3rd home (imagine all the contractors, workers, support staff, etc.)
He had a large amount of landscaping done at the same home (likely in the 8 figures--also going to contractors, workers, etc.)
He had over $25 M in renovations at his 4th home (again--imagine the employment he created!)

Gee--this is a great guy!
OH, wait a minute...he made a lot of money on INVESTMENTS (not income) and was taxed at the capital gains rate--NOT FAIR??

Investment--money (capital) which is put into corporations in order to CONDUCT BUSINESS (read: employ people)!

Also, all of those people he employs spend money as well--buying goods and services which keep the economy going and people like Ms. Luke, Ms. Konjevod, Ms. Gepp, and Mr. Morones employed!

I dare say, Ms. Luke et al is unlikely to offer me a job or a paycheck...

Not a sermon...just a thought.