Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Music From The Edge: Bette Midler

I would have to turn in my card if I didn't give fair mention to the Divine Miss M. You just gotta love her!

In 1995, after a 5 year studio hiatus, Miss M revisited her AC sound with the wonderfully produced album "Bette of Roses (Peak position Billboard Top 200 Albums #45-but still interesting to note the RIAA certification of 2x Platinum!). Though there were many songs on this album that could have been released, Atlantic wanted something that would cross-over to the clubs. The best track, they felt, was "To Deserve You."

Interesting choice, as the song is really about a woman who believes that her one and only can't possibly love her. She pleas desperately for his love...

I would die for you.
Could you ever love me that much?
How I want, how I want to deserve you.
Yes, you tell me this,
and I want to believe that it's true.
Aah, how I want, how I want to deserve you.

Pretty heavy for a club song, right? Well, add a bit of Bette spice with a hint of Arif Mardin and Steve Skinner and PRESTO....Instant Club Success!!!

Going through my own personal struggle with break-up and relationship disaster, this song certainly allowed many a tear to flow down my cheek. To hear it at the club, helped me down another beer and dance my heart out.

I look back on this, now, older and wiser - I can visualize myself in the role of that woman (or in my case man)- wanting and deserving someones love and feeling as if I could not possibly ever be was was truthful....haunting if I might say...and extremely sad as well.

Then I was able to understand. I was worthy, I was more wanting necessary! 1995 was a period of transition in my life, I began to grow up. I was that person singing "How I want to deserve you...." to being the man I am today singing...."I am what I am...." and being loved for that just the same...! I realized that my "want" to be loved was not the same as actually "being" loved. It can't be forced, it can't be just has TO BE. I had to love myself enough to know it would happen, but not on my terms....but in time....and it did.

Download: To Deserve You CD5

Bitrate: 320Kbps

Track Listing:
1) Arif's Dance Radio Mix
2) Bonzai Club Mix
3) Bonzai's "Die 4" Mix
4) Arif's Club Mix
5) MK Mix
6) Album Version

Video Fun....
To Deserve You - Album Version

To Deserve You - Club Mix

Peace. Love. Live.


Jodi said...

Glad that song got you through tough times, but the lyrics are awful and the melody is so repetitive I almost fell asleep- needless to say, not Bette's best!
I really love and envy the connection you make to music- it's amazing!

i am not your freud said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! this song just came to my mind when i decided to go to sleep and i thought "no way i'm gonna be able to sleep unless i find it" and after a lot of google searches, i found it on your blog. cool song. i can sleep now.