Monday, May 05, 2008

Music From The Edge: Kim Richey

By accident - you come across an artist that just "grabs" you. Kim Richey is one of those artists. A native of Ohio (go Buckeyes!), Kim Richey (more famous as a songwriter for artists like Trisha Yearwood and Lorrie Morgan) was destined (for me) to end up in my pile of artists that I would eventually get to but never do. Then I was introduced to the song "Come Around"

Released by Mercury Nashville in 1999, "Come Around" was supposed to be the lead-off single for Richey's 3rd album "Glimmer"....but for some reason (at the last minute) was replaced by "The Way It Never Was." Neither song charted. So much for promotion.

A departure from her previous two albums, "Glimmer" focused more on a popular sound - a way for her to break out as an artist. Well, for some reason it didn't work......while Ms. Richey's first two albums managed to make the Top Country Album Chart (72 and 53), "Glimmer" didn't chart at all, and now the CD is out of print. But thankfully you can still download the full length CD on Itunes.

If you are into singer/songwriters with a Sam Phillips flair- you need to check out this artist.

DOWNLOAD: "Come Around" Advance CD Single

Bitrate: 320Kbps


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maggie from the block said...

You said the magic words: "Sam Phillips."

Richey has a new fan! (And it's not the oscillating kind.)