Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a Random Thought

To be honest, I am trying to figure out where I want my blog to head. I am awed by the work that some of my fellow bloggers do - and the amount of time they commit to their craft....kudos!

Me on the other hand, I am "fly by the seat of my pants" with my blog - not purposeful for the most part. Maybe I should change that?

I post what I feel at the time.....and that usually surrounds music. Though I am not, for the most part...purposeful in posting, I certainly choose my musical tracks carefully.

So, that is my thought for the night. I appreciate all that come to my site and visit - I hope you find it comfortable and welcoming!



John said...

You seem to be at the same point I was after about two years of blogging. "Johnny Is A Man" became a hodge-podge of music, personal stories, goofy shit, you name it. The music started to overpower everything and that's when I spun off "Lost in the '80s."

Maybe create another blog focusing on music only? I'd read it!

maggie said...

Dear swell groovy dude,

Why so much pressure? Blog what you want. Blog for yourself. Blog about music, life, what you had for dinner. I'll read it, no matter what.

Unless you had really crappy food. No one wants to read about that.

Just blog on with your fabulous self. I'll always be the president of your fan club.

Jodi said...

I agree with Maggie! If you enjoy it, don't add pressure to the mix because that will lead you to not enjoying it. Remember assigned novel reading in high school? For me the pressure of knowing I HAD to do something took the joy from it. Love you!