Saturday, June 14, 2008

Music From The Edge: Denine

Denine started her music career as a backup singer for the popular freestyle group Collage in the early 1990's. Wanting to be the center of attention, Denine convinced Collage member Adam Marano to help her get her own recording deal on their record label Viper Records (Collage's imprint for Metropolitan Records).

Denine's debut full-length CD hit the record stores October 14, 1994. The label had big hopes as Freestyle was making a minor comeback. But, nothing happened. Nothing. For two whole years.

Then after the CD was dead and buried, a local L.A. deejay decided to add "All Cried Out" to his "hit or miss" segment.....the song exploded on the predominately Latin station and began a crossover to the pop stations in L.A.

Soon, program directors across the country began to pick up the song. Denine's carreer was revived enough to re-release "To Be Continued" and to release "All Cried Out" as a CD5 with what the label hoped would be a second hit "I Only Wanted To Love You."

The single stalled on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #72, but did manage a respectable #33 spot on Billboard's Rhythmic Top 40. These stats convinced Denine's label to go for it one more time (only with a CD5 instead of a full-length CD) titled, "Love of A Lifetime." It failed to chart.

Download: "All Cried Out" (CD5)
Bitrate: 320 kbps


1. All Cried Out
2. All Cried Out (Quiet Storm Mix)
3. I Only Wanted To Love You (Radio Mix)
4. I Only Wanted To Love You (Club Mix)
5. I Only Wanted To Love You (Jeep Beats)



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