Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Chicago Storms Part Duex

I know most of you saw the pictures of the storms from a few weeks ago - scary yes...

not as bad as the storm that came through last night. I saw the funnel cloud while I was in my car, but before I could take a picture, the transformer right in front of me blew up and the winds decided that 90 miles an hour was satisfactory. The lightning was amazingly frightening (storms don't usually scare me, but the lightning was so intense and the winds so bad ...I was ready to pee my pants...)

I kept saying..."thank god my homeowners insurance is paid?!" Luckily we survived, the house survived, the neighborhood survived.......but my wireless modem died. The severe electrical currents in the air somehow fried it ....(that's what they said at TigerDirect.com ...so cool, we have the actual store by my house!!)..

So, this year has been the mark of HUGE storms - I don't have any of this one - but check out some of the pictures sent to our local NBC affiliate.

So, I will have to repair my computer network, so my blogging may be spotty for a while.....keep checking back!


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