Thursday, October 09, 2008

20 Minutes North of Where I Grew Up

Oh, God. I guess I would expect this kind of stuff in Western Ohio, even Southern Ohio....but NORTHEAST OHIO??? Geez - these folks are the VERY PEOPLE that need change ...that need a break - yet for some reason, they have fixated on believing FOX NOISE and the republican blow-hards that have somehow convinced them that Barack Obama is, indeed, a terrorist. I am amazed that people will most certainly vote against their VERY OWN INTERESTS without as much as a thought. 8 years of the Crime Family should have been enough reason for Ohio's to rise up against the Republican party....let us not forget how powerful the media is -STAND UP PEOPLE!!! READ!! EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!! Geez!

This youtube video was emailed to me by my friend John (who is also, originally from Ohio).......sad...sad...sad...sad...sad...



maggie said...

Don't ya hate it when ignorance speaks so loudly? And in a shrill, whiny tone that makes your ears bleed?

Jodi said...

I hate the Cleveland "A" sound.

These people were never going to vote for a black man or a Democrat- I don't think they are even worth the energy of a response. My only question is why is that ignorant woman so passionately hateful?

What is worth a response from someone (McCain) who supposedly tauts "country first" is some public condemnation of his rally's participants. Shouting "kill him," whether meant for Obama or Ayers should not be tolerated- Obama for the obvious reasons and Ayers because he has already served his time and is a free US citizen.

Maggie is... said...

Update, please.

I miss you.