Monday, August 13, 2007

Angry People

I was recently the recipient of an anti-gay statement by a gentleman named Smart Alex concerning a comment that I made on another blog, by Kellie Patterson. My comment was directed at Ms. Patterson, concerning her conflict of interest in communicating information via her blog that stated her position on a possible teacher's strike in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, while also a member of the Board of Education.

I simply stated: " I think it is a crying shame that you are even allowed to have this blog associated with your position as a Board Member....shame on you."

My feeling is that she is blurring the lines between her duty as an member of the Board of Education and her right to state her opinions in her personal blog. But when she clearly states that she is a "Cuyahoga Falls Board Member," I feel that she has crossed the line ethically.

To this comment, someone obviously followed my comment to my personal blog to file this anti-gay statement...

"Smart Alex said...
I think it's a crying shame that you actually think anyone cares what a pole smoking mama's boy like you thinks about Patterson's blog. Go sew a rainbow quilt and stay out of the affiars [sic] of which you know nothing."

So to his comment I respond politely: Mr. Smart Alex ...learn to spell...and:

1) Obviously Mr. Smart Alex, you must have cared enough to go TO MY BLOG to write your little epithet - so at least I know ONE person cared.

2) I have never smoked a pole. Did I miss something here? must be mistaken on how things actually work.

3) Mama's boy? Hell yes....and proud of it. If you had a mother like mine you most certainly would be as well. Besides, nothing wrong with loving your mother - I think maybe your mother dropped you on your head one too many times.

4) Last I checked it wasn't "rainbow quilts" that people sewed. They are AIDS memorial quilts, and there is a "rainbow" flag. Get it right. But I don't know how to sew, anyway - so it really doesn't matter.

5) As far as staying out of affairs "of which you know nothing about," I say: I used to live in Cuyahoga Falls (on Second Street nonetheless) for over 10 years, and I grew up in North Eastern Ohio - so I am sure I know a lot more about Cuyahoga Falls and what is happening there than you, Mr. Alex, know about....."pole smoking," "Rainbow Flags and Memorial AIDS quilts,"....

SO while you, Mr. Alex are busy "hiding" behind a nondescript blogger name (with no picture and no posts), I am standing LOUD AND PROUD of who I am - and am making my opinions known without the fear of a closet. Maybe you should simply take a bit of your own advice and not play with the big kids (you simply will not be able to keep up intellectually.)

I do not fear you or your comments. They make no difference to me, but they do show your ignorance. My life is full. My life is grand. I stand before you an honest, hardworking, gay man (hey! that rhymed!) If you do not like that: It's totally your dilemma.

So I look forward to hearing more from you Mr. Smart Alex. I am sure my readers would appreciate your nonsensical banter - it certainly helps my cause.



Jenny said...

Oh, boy! A can of worms was opened here. Mr. Alex, you are in way over your head (trust me). I am so glad that you called him out on his misspelling John. I always find that when I am going to post a comment that is full of (for lack of a better word) crap, I take the extra time to read through it and check for any errors, because Lord knows, I wouldn't want to make an ass of myself for the whole world to see. Also, Jim, it is so nice to know that we are capable of rallying behind the same cause. I too felt the venom and anger that permeated (that means filled Mr. Alex) the comment that Mr. Alex left. I know John doesn't need our protection, but by Joe, it feels good to circle the wagons. As I read over Mr. Alex's comment, the first thing that came to mind was, "He doth protest too much". What has you so worked up, Mr. Alex? Has someone locked you in a closet??? Well, I can't help that. Hopefully one day, you will see the light, but I am afraid it may come too late for you to truly find happiness and joy in your life. What a sad way to live. As for what John wrote on Kellie's blog, I agree with him wholeheartedly. I believe her blog crosses the line of professionalism. No one says that she doesn't have the write to free speech, she does (and whether you like it or not Mr. Alex) we all do. However, when you are in an elected position, you have a duty to conduct yourself in a manner that garnishes respect from both sides of a debate (trust me, no respect here). She (Kellie) lacks this pearl of wisdom. I feel I can comment with knowledge in this area because I have been in attendance at the Cuyahoga Falls Board Meetings all summer and have been following things quite closely. Thank God, she doesn't speak for all of us!!
That being said, Mr. Alex. I am in a "fix". What do heterosexual females do when someone feels they don't have enough knowledge to speak their minds? Because, quite frankly, I don't know how to sew either. However, "smoking a pole" sounds interesting. Could you enlighten me???? You may have to open the closet door a little. But all in all it sounds like it could be fun. As for loving my mama, I sure do. I am sorry that you don't. Maybe that is where it all started going wrong for you. I really don't believe that Mr. Alex would be "man" enough to read your blog, John. I think it is just another short man suffering from "little man syndrome". I will gladly eat my words if he responds though. I would love another opportunity to dress him down.
Love You Lots,

Jodi said...

I have the coolest family in the whole world!!!!

John said...

John, John, John...

...controversy = traffic!

Smart Alex, please suck my fucking balls, you spineless choad.


Anonymous said...

jenny if you get the opportunity to dress down Mr Alex, and I hope you do, you will most likely find the Mr to be a Ms as in Patterson herself. Agreed, thank god she does not speak for all of us and thank god she is in the minority on the school board, let's hope it stays that way.

Smart Alex said...

Think twice about who opened the can of worms. Johnny shouldn't open his mouth if he doesn't want comments back. As for sucking Johns balls, well I think Jenny or John would be much better suited to that task than I considering they both have intimate knowledge of ball sucking and I don't. And if you really want enlightened on pole smoking Jenny, stop by any time. I'd be glad to give you a few pointers. You're welcome to dress me down too as suggested. I only wish you'd find Patterson under my clothes. Not only is she smart, she friggin' hot! I hope the board passes a resolution that states she must wear thongs and push up bras to meetings!

Anonymous said...

Smart Alex beware of the hand that feeds you. I would never use the words smart or hot to describe Ms Patterson. More like what the cat drug in and the dog wouldn't eat. She has taken all the class out of the Falls by the way she presents herself as a board member.

Smart Alex said...

Anonymous must think crazy, over-dyed, older women who quack for no apparent reason are classy and smart. I prefer a woman with a real brain and something to look at.

I had to add that we have to get that Molly Benedum on the board too. With her brains and that bodacious set of ta-tas and nice, tight ass, she'll make going to board meetings far more interesting. With Patterson AND Benedum there, it will be babe-city and I'll be the mayor.

If we're lucky they'll keep the old broad on the end and I just won't look that way.

Jenny said...

Oh Alex, I know who opened the can of worms, and I can state with much certainty that "Johnny" is not worried about you responding to his comment on Kellie's blog. I just find the vile filth that you ooze from every pore to be quite telling about the "man" you are. Did you ever stop to consider that Kellie and/or Molly wouldn't appreciate your crass comments about their physical attributes? Of course not, because you are too busy making up for inadequacies in your "personality" by lodging personal attacks against people you don't even know. Why do you care one way or another if someone finds Kellie's blog unprofessional and tasteless? What do you owe her? John never attack her as a person but questioned her motives as a person who sought a "public" elected life. The key word is "public." She chose to be in the public eye and to have her views scrutinized when she was elected to the Board. You are just an unevolved slug. The ignorance that you convey really is a testament to your lack of intelligence and overall worth as a human being. I really would like to believe that this is all posturing on your part and that no one could be that dense. Is that how your mother taught you to refer to women (in a sexually degrading manner)? It is a shame you don't have more respect for your mother and the values she taught you. Maybe that is the problem, maybe, you didn't have a person that taught you how to behave like a real man. A real man doesn't have to flex his muscles and his sexual prowess to be respected and taken seriously in the world. Your approach makes you a joke and a fore gone conclusion.

jpb2525 said...

To anonymous: Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog, and for posting a comment. You seem to have some inside information on the whole issue of Ms. Patterson, and I am sure it would be enlightening to hear more.

To Smart Alex: you have now garnered two posts...I am still waiting for your responses to ME and what I SAID. So far, you have done nothing but insult other commenter’s posts. Shall I assume that you are unable to engage in a battle of minds? I shall wait patiently - I know it will take you more time to gather your thoughts.