Monday, March 17, 2008

TV on the Internet .....FOR FREE

I was reading the USA Today a few days ago in my hotel room (yeah, I actually picked up a paper and got my hands filthy with print ink!!!) and I came across an article about a new website that is offering television shows and movies for free....

I thought - I don't want to be caught up in some illegal downloading thing - but decided to check it out - and wouldn't you know's LEGIT!!!

The major television and movie studios have utilized this "network" to promote their shows on DVD (I would assume) and offer a variety of shows....I personally got caught up watching episodes of Charlie's Angels as I was working on my taxes last night (no - they aren't done yet!!!)

But it helped pass the time.

I also thought about my sister Jodi...she doesn't own a TV...(I know...I know...) It's ok though, I have enough TV's in my house for about 5 people.....(I am a junkie). I give her mad props for being able to avoid the boob-tube. But even my dear sister has fits about not having a television - and this site can help - you can browse til your heart's content!
For action .....The A-team, Heroes, Charlie's Angels, Chuck - and the list goes on...

So here is my gift to you! ALL of my wonderful readers!

Visit HULU NOW!!!


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Jodi said...

It warms my heart that you worry about my lack of TV. All the major networks have TV online with limited commercials. I watch Grey's Anatomy and Lost and when I was sick I watched Dancing With the Stars. You can watch on your own time and I don't clutter my living room with a TV. It's wonderful.