Saturday, June 23, 2007

I still wonder how? how? HOW???

To this day, I seriously wonder how and the hell we ended up with this president. I can only assume that the failure of the electorate to even give a shit about what is going on in this country. Now, I understand that most people are busy just trying to make ends meet, working 2 jobs, raising kids - I can forgive that.

What I can't forgive are those friggin' idiots who "proudly" continue to display their ignorance for voting for this idiot of a president. I mean, you see it every day: the bumper stickers proudly stating that they voted for Bush - these are not luxury autos....OH NO....these are the mini-vans: the rusted ones that look like they are only miles away from the final breakdown. These are the people that have been hurt the most by Bush and his anti-family, anti-union, anti-democracy, anti-(insert your own word) policies.

Anyway. I proudly say I NEVER voted for this idiot. I would use more harsh words to describe this pathetic man we call president, but I am a bit afraid of ending up in some concentration camp for dissenters of the government....But I believe that dissent is our patriotic duty, so I do so proudly!

Now on with the show....


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