Friday, June 22, 2007

Not that anyone reads my blog anyway....

So, yet again, I am going to attempt to write in my blog. Currently, there are many things that are on my mind and driving me crazy. So starting to write about any one of these subjects can get the ball rolling.

I guess I will start with my job search. Basically, it sucks. Not much happening on that front. I guess I am really sick and tired of hearing: "We find you to be extremely well qualified, but have decided to hire someone with more work experience...."

So basically, I am book smart, but not street smart. I guess I wonder how anyone is ever supposed to move forward....everyone wants that person that has the degree, but also wants someone with 5-10 years of experience in that field as well. My question is anyone supposed to get that experience if no one will hire you???

So, as the old saying goes............(I can't remember what the saying is actually), but I will keep pluggin' away. I can only hope there is an organization out there that will just take a chance on me, and realize that they have won the lottery.

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